Carding Services

Fiber Pricing
 Washing only
 $8 per dirty pound
  Washing, Tumbling, Picking and Carding Wool Batts or Roving
 $16 per pound
 Tumbling, Picking and Carding Angora or Mohair Batts/Roving
 $16 per pound
  Washed and Picked only into cloud
 $12 per pound
 Skirting of fleece - minimum 1 hour
 $30 hour
 Color blending - based on clean wool weight
 $4 per pound
 Custom Dyeing
 $10 per clean carded pound


Shipping charges and sales tax will be added to the final bill.

Complete this printable order form and enclose with your shipment.

The more you skirt, the less you pay in the end.  Please take time to lay out your fleeces and clean out as much unwanted vegetable matter, dung, under-arm felted fibers and tangles as you can.

How This Works:

When you decide to send your fiber to me, package each order in its own bag and then as much as you can put into one bag if possible.  Each order/bag should have its own order form filled out.  If you have special instructions or questions, just give me a call (218) 251-5738 and we can discuss options.  

Typically, there is about a 4-6 month wait once you have shipped me your order.  Please don't include a down payment check in the box unless you let me know!  The boxes or bags can sit for awhile before they are opened.

When it's time for me to start working on your order, I will contact you with an emailed invoice, billing you for approximately half of the finished order.   
Your wool fibers will be washed in two sinks of very hot (140-150 degrees) water with organic soap and rinsed 1-2 times before being spun out and air dried.  Fibers that do not have heavy lanolin will be washed in cooler water but will still be washed in organic soap and rinsed well. You are welcome to wash your fibers before sending them and that will reduce the incoming weight and your final price, but I will wash them again to insure they are as clean as I want them before sending them through my machines.  

After washing and drying, the fibers move on to the picker.  This machine opens the fibers.  It is also where I can mix colors or fibers together into blends.  An order of "cloud" for spinning on your wheel, is created at this stop.

The carder is where un-felted batts and roving are created.  These fibers can be used for hand spinning or needle felting.

Skirting can be done if required at $30 hour. A regular size fleece takes about an hour. Skirt your own if possible.

Orders not paid for after 60 days of finishing/invoicing become the property of Beautiful World MN.  Orders held for more than 30 days after invoicing due to a customer wanting to come pick it up rather than having it shipped will incur a holding fee of $1.00/day.

What You Need to Know
  • We have no minimum size for an order but there is a $50.00 deposit to be applied to your order.
  • You are guaranteed to receive your own wool back.
  • We wash your fleece using environmentally safe products.
  • We clean the machine between individual runs.
  • We will blend fine fibers or blend coarse fibers, natural & dyed color mixes.
  • We do custom dyeing.
  • We will card each order individually.
  • We will not card 100% mohair or 100% angora rabbit, these must be blended with at least 50% wool or other fiber. We will not be able to card into roving any alpaca that is under 3" long.

Processing Sheep Wool, Llama, and Alpaca
  • Please skirt your fleece and make sure that it is not contaminated with manure, plastic baling twine, hoof trimmings, sticks, stones, burdock, large stickers, wire, etc.
  • The cleaner you get your fiber before you send it, the cleaner you'll get it back. Machines can only remove so much and you will get the rest back in the product if there is too much.
  • All fibers must be washed before carding. If you wash the fibers please do so thoroughly as the machines can't take sticky, greasy fibers.
  • Do not send tightly matted or felted fleece, these will be sent back to you at your cost. If your fiber has bugs it will be sent back to you at your cost or thrown away once notified.
  • If your fiber is over 6 inches long it may need to be cut, you will be called if so.
  • If an animal has been stressed or ill, it will show in the fleece. Check for break points and scurf. These will be processed but will show up in your final product.
  • Guard hair does not card out and we only pick out very obvious hairs.
  • White, black or dark fleece shows remaining debris the most. What you get back depends on what you send. We can only pick out so much VM!

How to Complete Your Order
  • Complete the fiber processing form highlighted above and enclose with your shipment or drop off.