How to Send Us Your Fiber
You will get the best results from your fiber processing experience if you send us carefully skirted fiber that is as clean as possible. (For helpful tips on skirting 
and washing, (See How to Prep Your Fiber.)

Once your fiber is skirted and (if you choose) washed, pack it into plastic bags (1 fleece per bag is required if you wish the fleeces to be processed separately; 
if your fiber will be processed as one big batch, you may send multiple fleeces per bag if the staple length is consistent. Please provide an identifier in each bag
with your name and the name and/or breed of the animal(s) so we know which bags go with each job.

NOTE:  We prefer that you send your fiber to us in plastic bags. Though not as environmentally friendly as other options nevertheless plastic bags protect your
fiber more effectively from pests and moisture and allow us to store your fiber more efficiently. If you send your fiber in other bags (such as burlap or cloth)
we will still need to transfer the fiber into plastic bags for storage. We normally discard such bags, and only return them to you, at your expense, if you
specifically request this service.

Include one of our handy dandy printable forms for each job to be processed separately, providing precise information on how you would like your fiber to be

Not sure what processing options are best for your fiber? Feel free to email or call. We'd be happy to discuss options with you!

As you probably know, shipping is charged not only by weight but also by dimensions. To get the best shipping deal, you can decrease the size of your package
if you remove some of the air. One way to do this is to use a vacuum hose. Being careful not to suck up your fiber, place the vacuum hose into the bag of fiber
(a sock held around the vacuum hose with a rubber band will help protect your fiber), and remove some of the air until the pack is compressed and smaller.
Seal it with a rubber band or twist tie, and place it into a mailing box. Be sure to tape the package securely, in case your fiber expands during shipping! Many
customers also choose to use commercial vacuum sealable bags for their fiber. When the fiber is packed, address the box and send it to us. We look forward to
receiving your fiber, and will let you know when it arrives!